Sunday, June 1, 2014

Which speed wealth system product is right for you

Which Speed Wealth System product is right for you? There are many you can access, but knowing which product Level to Subscribe to can be a great benefit.  In the past I have invested in products that were not advanced enough for me.  Not every training course will be a perfect match for you.  In this article I am going to give the details of Speed Wealth System Course training series

The Speed Wealth System Product is from the Internet Lifestyle Network company.  This is an online marketing company that provides training for marketers. The courses include many hours of training from extremely successful marketers Vincent Ortega and Mark Hoverson. These well known marketers have built extraordinary financial business from selling different products over the Internet. The training course they created is the Speed Wealth System.  Its based on knowledge the two have gain over the years from their success.

In the Speed Wealth System each step is explained on how to achieve success online. This was created for people who may have been burnt out from trying the latest software tools to earn money online with little success.  I applaud them for this, because its not the software that earns money its the system you follow. Although they do have converting landing pages and sales driven funnel, the focus is on what you do to drive traffic with no paid strategies. For example using FaceBook as a tool to find others that are in need of the same training.

The Blueprint they give you can be passed to other team members, followed and duplicated by others.  This is the secret to the sauce.  This product is built upon duplication and how to achieve it. The Goal is to keep focus on daily activities that work and removing the guessing from how to achieve success with your business. Building the right skills and using the correct techniques will lead to money overtime.  Their 30 day guarantee represents this belief.  It says "If you don't make a sale in 30 days they will pay you $100".

This is the level of belief the owners have in their system.  So far its worked very well for them as 1000's  of people have been able to earn their first sale within 30 days.  The Speed Wealth System has 3 subscription levels.   Apprentice, Professional, Exectuive CEO.

If you need to get a deeper understanding of what each course contains.  Be sure to check the Course Review For the Speed Wealth System here.

You can access the course through the Internet Lifestyle Network University.  This is online website that contains many hours of training and step by step instructions on how to apply the information to any business. Because this is a course and not separate product, you have to follow the sequence of course levels.  Each lesson builds upon the previous.

For those on a limited budgets, its still very affordable.  The initial cost is only $37.  This gives you access to the Apprentice Level Courses. After following this course you should at earn $20 commission as provided by the guarantee.  The next level is the Professional Level Courses.  Here you will get incredible information how to on close sales.  8 figure earner Mark Hoverson brings this valuable information to you, that is not available on the Internet.  Using this information allows you to continue having the success when you combine it with the Apprentice Lessons.

The third is the Execute Course.  This course is for those that are working towards building a 7 figure income with advance techniques in showing and teaching others how to earn money.  It provides information on leadership, how to see opportunities, building large organizations, and  many other concepts needed to reach 7 figures.  This is part Mark Hoverson's highly acclaimed Solomon's CEO training, where many top earners received this valuable information and have gone on to reach higher levels.  If you would like to get additional information or even join you can do so here.


Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Business, Life And Money

Working in this life business is a little bit different from other businesses. I have had a chance to meet people whose circumstances are far worse than mine. For example the other day, I had a meeting with a guy who called and let me know he had interest. Let’s just say the neighborhood he stayed in was far from Beverly Hills. As I walked up to where he stood, he greeted me with a smile and continued to make a joke about the neighborhood in which he stayed. In fact, he joked about trying to get out but being sucked back in. For most people they would have felt uncomfortable, but I notice he used humor to deal with the stressful situation he finds himself in. After we got inside and started talking. It soon became evident this person only wanted a chance at something better. He didn’t care to be a millionaire, or financially free even. His dream was just being allowed to have a chance. I looked at him and thought of myself and how easy I had it compared to him. After talking I couldn’t help but cheer for him. Here we have a single dad, refusing to let others rob him of his dream of a better life. Chris Brady talked about how the president has to deal with so much negativity from Right and Left sides. No matter what he does he will be in the headline about what he didn’t do right and how others have ill feelings towards him. It then came to me; you don’t have to be the president to face that kind of negative pressure. You could just be a man or woman that simply refuses to give up. By this alone you are promised to face negative comments or glares. No doubt some will face more than others. Everyday non-stop this guy hears things like “You’re a fool”, “Don’t do it”, and “You will do nothing but lose your money”. Keep in mind this is from his closes friends and family members, but he keeps smiling. At the time he didn’t have the money to start. He asked me to give him a chance to get the money and come back. He was hungry for something different. Instantly I wanted to see him come out on top. Making a sale was the furthest thing from my mind. But helping this guy get out of the situation he is in was where I was at. This Life Business is not about the amount of sales and money you can make. Even if you are not making a lot you can’t help but invest yourself into people. The great part is the connection with people and the bad part is the connection with people. When they reach a goal, and are on their way to some place different, you will be high on a cloud for them. Heck you become their biggest fan. But if they should fall off the wagon and start to give up on life and their dream. It is hard to watch. I guess this is what they mean by to serve and invest in others. No matter how much you may want their dream to come true for them you can only lead a person to their dream you can’t give it to them. The life business is more than money. It’s the lives that get touched including your own.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

New blog location

I will try to keep this blog going as much as I can, but I have a new blog location that will get the latest content. You can get the latest here. I switched over because I think the tools over there are a little easier for me to manage. I will see you guys over there.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Your own Life Business Success

Getting your own online business does pay off if you keep at it.  For me having a combination of contacting, interacting with people with an online 24 hour presence gives me the best return.  Building up teams of people and helping them become successful is rewarding internally and financially.  Although there are a great number of opportunities out there, I do find THE LIFE BUSINESS  to be intriguing because it matches personal touch, great reward, and internal growth.  Instead of being behind closed doors and promoting your business via web page, this opportunity rewards you to do both.   The compensation plan and bonus rewards for sharing your business with others, and helping them become successful are incredible in my opinion.  It has been stated more than once on various sites this business was built to payout more money than others. I have to give the founders of LIFE credit for creating a business model that allows ordinary people a good chance at reaching success.  From the ground up these guys are doing things differently which allows them to have a great payout structure.  Combine this with a good internet presence and personal mentoring and training you receive and you really have come across something special.  The startup cost is low enough so that the vast majority of people can enjoy this great opportunity to build wealth and grow.   Instead of working by yourself you work with a team.  As the team becomes successful so do you.  It’s this part of the business that makes it fun. Imagine that, you with a community of people working towards a common goal and making excellent money.  I have yet to come across another company that provides you the products, pay structure, training, and personal internal growth you experience. I think everyone should check it out.  If you want more info contact me, there is no sales pitch simply because the opportunity relies on itself.  Simply find out what you have to do, and see what you can get.   I think that will be enough.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why MLM is the next big wave of businesses

The average paycheck for most people over the past 12 years has not increased enough to keep up with the cost of living. We are working harder for less pay and less job security. You throw in the pressure of keeping a house over your head, doctor bills, car payments, layoffs and you soon see working for income is not what it’s cracked up to be. As this problem gets larger, more people will turn to home businesses as a solution to increase income. With the use of the internet in 24 hours a person can have a business up and running. At no other time in the history of this country could a person reach so many people in such a small amount of time. The income generated from your online business can be massive. With the right promotion on the web you could be generated income while you sleep. Just as franchises allowed many people to own familiar named stores and restaurants in the 70’s, MLM is becoming the new business opportunity for today’s society.
With the internet you can build a network of people that partner with you. This concept is similar to how the franchise businesses used duplication to generate wealth for people that knew nothing about businesses. But instead of having to take out a $700,000 loan for the opportunity to own one, a MLM online business can grant you the same and more return on investment for under $50. I look at it as the great equalizer. Because it does not matter who you are, your profit is based upon the person who owns the business and that is you. No more CEO’s, or executive managers laying off workers and rewarding themselves with bonus’s in response to your hard work. You effectively cut out the middle men and keep what you make.
Unlike traditional business this is an environment that rewards those for helping others. It will punish those that manage but reward those that can lead others to success. For example, when someone invites others to become partners in their MLM business, they will do everything in their power to help that other person become successful. The more success the bigger the business network grows as other people want to become part of the business.
 Traditional MLM and online businesses are crossing paths as more online businesses realize they must attract people who are searching for their product. The fancy word used for this is attraction marketing. Not many know how to do it because it is so new. Attraction marketing is when you provide something for free in hopes of attracting others they may want to partner with your business. By today’s standard that would mean providing information that is interesting. To do this you must have a mixture of different forms of information such as Ebooks, blogs, websites, video, and audio books. I would go so far to say the more great content you have the more people keep coming back. Providing information is the key. This is not easy at first, but as you build it the payoff will become greater in the future. MLM Businesses that have mentoring and training materials which include books, audio books and videos can provide a good support system. This will also teach you valuable needed skills needed to be successful. The quickest way to become wealthy is to fine someone that is rich that is doing something you are doing and have them teach it to you. This is what we call edification. The result is to duplicate the success of the individual. Remember this is exactly why franchises became popular. It allowed owners to duplicate an already successful restaurant or store. Now we are doing this with people.

You should work with people who have a proven track record if possible. If you are the type of person who has a history of starting and stopping something, work with an MLM that implements a Team Concept so that others can keep you on track and focused. The industrial age economy future is looking very gloomy, but for those that are ready to embrace the information age and the new opportunities it provides, with a little training and persistent you are about to experience incredible success with your business.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Success,Change and Growth

Every day I read around 2 hours due to my long train rides and traveling I do.  I have come across some very interesting tidbits that have made me ponder and reflect.  But one that has really moved me about experiencing Success is the personal change that one takes.  I have talked about the dedication and persistent attitude towards perfection that is needed but before any of this can take place there must be a core change in the one to experience success.   

People who experience this go thru radical changes on their outlook in life and who they are.  They may get to a point where they don’t care what others think.  All the negative comments heard soon have no affect because the opinion of those offering them matter very little.  It’s at this point people start to grow and seek new advice from others never look upon before.  The person who is about to embark on the journey to success understands what they are leaving, why they are leaving, and what they don’t want. They may become defiant to others who don’t support their dream.  Ironically negative opinions for a short time is used a fuel for motivation to change.

This is when a person’s courage to welcome change and growth starts to build.  As Orrin Woodward eloquently pointed out when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain to change, that is when someone develops the will and courage to do something different. Until that point is reached the journey to success may never start.  Seeking new information at this crucial time is like adding fuel to the fire for change.   The more information that is acquired the more energy that is stored to fight off negativity.   As a result new friends and personality changes tend to follow.  In other words the person experiences growth.  An excellent book which talks about Growth and the Network Marketing Business is “RichDad the Business School” it’s really an eye opener.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blogging, Information Age and Online Business

I notice something this morning when viewing all the different blogs and websites about how to start an online business.  Most the information was about creating a web page, using a blog, SEO (Search Engine Optimizations), getting prospect information via email, using twitter, etc.  The list keeps going on and on. If this information is so readily free what aren’t there more online internet millionaires.

One of the crucial ingredients for online success is consistency.  This really goes for all businesses which are online or MLM based.  The content you provide not only has to be good, but needs to be up to date.  Once you get outside of the top 100 blogs you will see content not updated on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, some of these sites could easily go into the top 100 with a little more consistency upon providing content creation.    Many times once a blog starts developing a following something happens in the owner’s personal life and time is taken away from this activity. Just think of this as your content grows, your business grows, and more people will desire your product.  

You may say wait a second my product has nothing to do with my blog or content. In the Industrial age that would be true.  But in the information age, people value who you are over the product.  It’s the relationship that is important that you build upon.  Nobody goes into business with someone they don’t like.   But before you can expand your online business you must establish a relationship and give them something to make them comeback.  That is what was meant by new techniques with blogs, twitter, and Facebook.  You brand yourself.  It’s a proven method which works.  Even in the today’s main stream we have celebrities that are very successful yet never made a movie, starred in a television show, or created a music album.  But they sold themselves and built a multi-million dollar empire doing this.  Things online are no different.  Therefore your content must be fresh, updated, and entertaining in such away your friends on Facebook start pointing to your creations.   This is how you will get high ranking searches from Bing and Google, increasing your traffic flow and your business. Combine this with write attitude on how to obtain sucesss and watch your income increase.  Now is the time to do this, because most people will not put in the needed effort to make this happen.  Get the right attitude, the right information, the right business  from the right people and you can have it also.