Monday, September 17, 2012

Success,Change and Growth

Every day I read around 2 hours due to my long train rides and traveling I do.  I have come across some very interesting tidbits that have made me ponder and reflect.  But one that has really moved me about experiencing Success is the personal change that one takes.  I have talked about the dedication and persistent attitude towards perfection that is needed but before any of this can take place there must be a core change in the one to experience success.   

People who experience this go thru radical changes on their outlook in life and who they are.  They may get to a point where they don’t care what others think.  All the negative comments heard soon have no affect because the opinion of those offering them matter very little.  It’s at this point people start to grow and seek new advice from others never look upon before.  The person who is about to embark on the journey to success understands what they are leaving, why they are leaving, and what they don’t want. They may become defiant to others who don’t support their dream.  Ironically negative opinions for a short time is used a fuel for motivation to change.

This is when a person’s courage to welcome change and growth starts to build.  As Orrin Woodward eloquently pointed out when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain to change, that is when someone develops the will and courage to do something different. Until that point is reached the journey to success may never start.  Seeking new information at this crucial time is like adding fuel to the fire for change.   The more information that is acquired the more energy that is stored to fight off negativity.   As a result new friends and personality changes tend to follow.  In other words the person experiences growth.  An excellent book which talks about Growth and the Network Marketing Business is “RichDad the Business School” it’s really an eye opener.

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