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Success is something that is spoken a lot about among groups of people. Most of us don't understand what success is. Sure we can put our finger on it when we look at the rewards success may bring, such as large Income, big homes, financial freedom, more personal time. But to ask what it takes to be successful you can get many different answers.

I want to talk about this because for many of us this is a mystery. I have had some success in business. But instead of talking about me now, as children I believe many of us were born with the knowledge of how to get access to success without realizing it. We understood, implemented, shared and enjoyed it with others freely. It was a natural part of our personality and we didn't have to work at it. Regardless of what you do, or your age, success has the same equation. It has very little to do with what you were born with, and how much money you have access to. Yet this equation guarantees success and most children are born with it. As adults we learn to disregard what we know as children. This is a result of older adults placing their limits and failures on us repeatedly as children.

As a child we understood the success equation and choose are path to success sometimes using games. The equation to success is the following.

EXPONETIAL SUCCESS = Practice of little things + consistency * TIME

If a person is successful at something it really depends on the things they practice to perfect and the amount of time they do this. Perfection leads to excellence which results in success. As a child I along with a friend played drums. We were really average musicians. But we were taught to only practice the basic things at a young age of 10. Our goal was to perfect it and build upon it with something new. We would then start the process all over again. Our early teachers told us we were to become some of the great drummers if we stuck to this. We followed the equation to success and soon we were practicing on average 5 hours a day. Keep in mind this was being done by Kids under the age of 13. It was as if we were training for the Olympics . We had a goal, and a vision of what we wanted and we could see the improvement as we compared ourselves to older drummers. At first improvement was very slow and we lagged behind others. Then our improvements seem to accelerate faster than others. Soon by the age of 14 my friends and I could easily out play older drummers who had played for many years, many whom were considered exceptional players. It baffled many others how so much talent came from such a small sample of drummers. In our minds there was only one way to practice and only one result. We thought everyone was doing the same thing. To us when we played it was not special, nor was it a display of exceptional talent at a young age. We expected to be able to perform at such a high level because that was what we were told to believe. In other words the idea was planted in our minds at a young age with no limits. Therefore it was supposed to happen.

You can see this in our kids today with video games. Many children will spend hours playing a video game, learning and practicing every move in detail. When the game ends it beats our kids. Immediately the game is started over from the beginning or where the person playing left off. This is another example of practicing for perfection. Again it is repeated until the player beats the game in a single play. The desire here is to conquer the game, the price paid is to not socialize with people around you or enjoy other entertainment. It’s a very small price for people that do not enjoy the company of others. But is very large for others with other responsibilities. In the later case success may not be worth it although it may be desired.

Desire is the spark while vision directs where the spark will land.

This magical equation is the key to your success in business. Many times people get frustrated because their business does not have immediate returns. Instead of being consistent with activities that will ensure success they slow down or even quit the activities in pursuit of success. Their reward is never received. Consistency and time are the two components many fail to maintain which result in failure. Once you visualize ( dream), you will by default start to desire it. Immediately you must write it down. Without writing your desire will turn into one of the many wishes you have had in your lifetime. Next, determine the needed goals you must reach to obtain success and write those down. For every desire you must be willing to give up something. Few if any desires can be reached without giving something in return. What you write down and add to this list is the price of success for your personal desire. Break your goals into smaller goals and every day work on reaching this goal. Once you have perfected or mastered that activity move to the next. Apply this technique over time and you will find success to become easier to obtain. Remember the equation to Exponential success - It is your guide to success.

EXPONETIAL SUCCESS = Practice of little things + consistency * TIME

I recommend reading "Think and Grow Rich" this book provides great detailed information explaining why someone is successful, what is needed and more importantly how.

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