Monday, March 18, 2013

Life Business, Life And Money

Working in this life business is a little bit different from other businesses. I have had a chance to meet people whose circumstances are far worse than mine. For example the other day, I had a meeting with a guy who called and let me know he had interest. Let’s just say the neighborhood he stayed in was far from Beverly Hills. As I walked up to where he stood, he greeted me with a smile and continued to make a joke about the neighborhood in which he stayed. In fact, he joked about trying to get out but being sucked back in. For most people they would have felt uncomfortable, but I notice he used humor to deal with the stressful situation he finds himself in. After we got inside and started talking. It soon became evident this person only wanted a chance at something better. He didn’t care to be a millionaire, or financially free even. His dream was just being allowed to have a chance. I looked at him and thought of myself and how easy I had it compared to him. After talking I couldn’t help but cheer for him. Here we have a single dad, refusing to let others rob him of his dream of a better life. Chris Brady talked about how the president has to deal with so much negativity from Right and Left sides. No matter what he does he will be in the headline about what he didn’t do right and how others have ill feelings towards him. It then came to me; you don’t have to be the president to face that kind of negative pressure. You could just be a man or woman that simply refuses to give up. By this alone you are promised to face negative comments or glares. No doubt some will face more than others. Everyday non-stop this guy hears things like “You’re a fool”, “Don’t do it”, and “You will do nothing but lose your money”. Keep in mind this is from his closes friends and family members, but he keeps smiling. At the time he didn’t have the money to start. He asked me to give him a chance to get the money and come back. He was hungry for something different. Instantly I wanted to see him come out on top. Making a sale was the furthest thing from my mind. But helping this guy get out of the situation he is in was where I was at. This Life Business is not about the amount of sales and money you can make. Even if you are not making a lot you can’t help but invest yourself into people. The great part is the connection with people and the bad part is the connection with people. When they reach a goal, and are on their way to some place different, you will be high on a cloud for them. Heck you become their biggest fan. But if they should fall off the wagon and start to give up on life and their dream. It is hard to watch. I guess this is what they mean by to serve and invest in others. No matter how much you may want their dream to come true for them you can only lead a person to their dream you can’t give it to them. The life business is more than money. It’s the lives that get touched including your own.

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