Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blogging, Information Age and Online Business

I notice something this morning when viewing all the different blogs and websites about how to start an online business.  Most the information was about creating a web page, using a blog, SEO (Search Engine Optimizations), getting prospect information via email, using twitter, etc.  The list keeps going on and on. If this information is so readily free what aren’t there more online internet millionaires.

One of the crucial ingredients for online success is consistency.  This really goes for all businesses which are online or MLM based.  The content you provide not only has to be good, but needs to be up to date.  Once you get outside of the top 100 blogs you will see content not updated on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, some of these sites could easily go into the top 100 with a little more consistency upon providing content creation.    Many times once a blog starts developing a following something happens in the owner’s personal life and time is taken away from this activity. Just think of this as your content grows, your business grows, and more people will desire your product.  

You may say wait a second my product has nothing to do with my blog or content. In the Industrial age that would be true.  But in the information age, people value who you are over the product.  It’s the relationship that is important that you build upon.  Nobody goes into business with someone they don’t like.   But before you can expand your online business you must establish a relationship and give them something to make them comeback.  That is what was meant by new techniques with blogs, twitter, and Facebook.  You brand yourself.  It’s a proven method which works.  Even in the today’s main stream we have celebrities that are very successful yet never made a movie, starred in a television show, or created a music album.  But they sold themselves and built a multi-million dollar empire doing this.  Things online are no different.  Therefore your content must be fresh, updated, and entertaining in such away your friends on Facebook start pointing to your creations.   This is how you will get high ranking searches from Bing and Google, increasing your traffic flow and your business. Combine this with write attitude on how to obtain sucesss and watch your income increase.  Now is the time to do this, because most people will not put in the needed effort to make this happen.  Get the right attitude, the right information, the right business  from the right people and you can have it also.

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