Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why MLM is the next big wave of businesses

The average paycheck for most people over the past 12 years has not increased enough to keep up with the cost of living. We are working harder for less pay and less job security. You throw in the pressure of keeping a house over your head, doctor bills, car payments, layoffs and you soon see working for income is not what it’s cracked up to be. As this problem gets larger, more people will turn to home businesses as a solution to increase income. With the use of the internet in 24 hours a person can have a business up and running. At no other time in the history of this country could a person reach so many people in such a small amount of time. The income generated from your online business can be massive. With the right promotion on the web you could be generated income while you sleep. Just as franchises allowed many people to own familiar named stores and restaurants in the 70’s, MLM is becoming the new business opportunity for today’s society.
With the internet you can build a network of people that partner with you. This concept is similar to how the franchise businesses used duplication to generate wealth for people that knew nothing about businesses. But instead of having to take out a $700,000 loan for the opportunity to own one, a MLM online business can grant you the same and more return on investment for under $50. I look at it as the great equalizer. Because it does not matter who you are, your profit is based upon the person who owns the business and that is you. No more CEO’s, or executive managers laying off workers and rewarding themselves with bonus’s in response to your hard work. You effectively cut out the middle men and keep what you make.
Unlike traditional business this is an environment that rewards those for helping others. It will punish those that manage but reward those that can lead others to success. For example, when someone invites others to become partners in their MLM business, they will do everything in their power to help that other person become successful. The more success the bigger the business network grows as other people want to become part of the business.
 Traditional MLM and online businesses are crossing paths as more online businesses realize they must attract people who are searching for their product. The fancy word used for this is attraction marketing. Not many know how to do it because it is so new. Attraction marketing is when you provide something for free in hopes of attracting others they may want to partner with your business. By today’s standard that would mean providing information that is interesting. To do this you must have a mixture of different forms of information such as Ebooks, blogs, websites, video, and audio books. I would go so far to say the more great content you have the more people keep coming back. Providing information is the key. This is not easy at first, but as you build it the payoff will become greater in the future. MLM Businesses that have mentoring and training materials which include books, audio books and videos can provide a good support system. This will also teach you valuable needed skills needed to be successful. The quickest way to become wealthy is to fine someone that is rich that is doing something you are doing and have them teach it to you. This is what we call edification. The result is to duplicate the success of the individual. Remember this is exactly why franchises became popular. It allowed owners to duplicate an already successful restaurant or store. Now we are doing this with people.

You should work with people who have a proven track record if possible. If you are the type of person who has a history of starting and stopping something, work with an MLM that implements a Team Concept so that others can keep you on track and focused. The industrial age economy future is looking very gloomy, but for those that are ready to embrace the information age and the new opportunities it provides, with a little training and persistent you are about to experience incredible success with your business.

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