Friday, September 14, 2012

Success is something that is spoken a lot about among groups of people.  Most of us don't understand what success is.  Sure we can put our finger on it when we look at the rewards success may bring, such as large Income, big homes,  financial freedom, more personal time.  But to ask what it takes to be successful you can get many different answers. 

I want to talk about this because for many of us this is a mystery.  I have had some success in business.  But instead of talking about me now, as children I believe many of us were born with the knowledge of how to get access to success without realizing it.  We understood, implemented, shared and enjoyed it with others freely.  It was a natural part of our personality and we didn't have to work at it. Regardless of what you do, or your age, success has the same equation.  It has very little to do with what you were born with, and how much money you have access to.  Yet this equation guarantees success and most children are born with it.  As adults we learn to disregard what we know as children.  This is a result of older adults placing their limits and failures on us repeatedly as children. 


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